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Learn to Roller Skate...

Roller skating in the past and once again is a sport that is widely popular amongst the young & adults alike, the secret to acquiring control over your skates is ‘The Three P’s’, practice, practice, practice! With technique, posture and core body control playing an important part to form ‘muscle memory’.

Our sport leads to better health and fitness levels, roller skating can easily burn hundreds of calories an hour(!) so roller skating is well on the map to being part of physically fit. The best part is when you have mastered the basics of our loved sport, you will be able to jump and turn, make swift changes in directions, be able to travel on one roller skate smoothly including backwards!

Beginners must be wondering, “how do I start to learn?” It takes dedication, but soon you won’t be able to resist your wheels! 

You Can Not Fly, Without the Fear of Falling….

Being a beginner, the odds are you will face plenty of falls before achieving even minimal balance. Elbow pads, knee pads can help but part of learning is to know how to fall correctly… trust us, you’ll get used to it! Once your skating skills enhance, you will want to improve your ‘Basic Skills’


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Learn/Improve to Skate Coaching Courses are back for Under 18s!


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